Everyday Math: Real-Life Math-Readiness Activities for Your Preschooler Using Laundry! by Teacher Karen

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2 years ago
Everyday Math: Real-Life Math-Readiness Activities for Your Preschooler Using Laundry!

Parents, work on those math skills during the summer. Here’s a week’s worth of math-themed activities to develop important math concepts – with laundry serving as the theme!

  • Monday: Use shorts and pants for AB patterning! Create the pattern, say it aloud and ask your kiddo, "What comes next?" (Shorts, pants, shorts, pants, etc.)
  • Tuesday: Folding can be never ending when you have children, but it’s also a great way to work on counting and 1-to-1 correspondence. Scatter socks onto the floor and count. Let children search out pairs. Once the socks are sorted, fold them up into pairs and count out the paired socks.
  • Wednesday: Give children hands-on experience with symbolic representation letting them match a washcloth to bath towel.
  • Thursday: Empty the clothes hamper. Show kids the laundry basket which equals one load of laundry. Let them estimate how many loads of laundry there are.
  • Friday: Go old school! Hang clothes out to dry, giving your kid the chance to measure how long it takes to dry.
  • Saturday: Laundry basketball! Fold up socks and throw them into the laundry basket for fun, and to help develop spatial awareness.
  • Sunday: To develop their problem-solving skills, offer a laundry basket to use as they wish in completing the chore of putting away folded laundry.

How do you work on math skills with your kids?

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