Math Games for Kids: This Fun Sorting Activity Helps Teach Math Skills by Kaila Weingarten

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3 years ago

Math Games for Kids: This Fun Sorting Activity Helps Teach Math Skills

Sorting is an important math skill for children to learn. Encourage them to grow their skills with this easy activity. 

You'll need:

Here's how to do it: 

  • Paint four plates with different colors.
  • Give your child colorful objects to sort and count. I used craft sticks that we painted different colors, but you can use items from around the house.
  • Have your child sort the objects onto the right plate.

You can also try this activity using cups, boxes or containers. The key is to have fun together so that learning is enjoyable for your kids!

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Mike Prochaska
Yep we do this every day with different things. Funny how much they love it
Donna John
Fun activity. Craft and learning all in one! Kaila Weingarten

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