Personal Identity: How Many Titles Are You Made Of? Here's the One That Matters Most by Francielle Daly

Personal Identity: How Many Titles Are You Made Of? Here's the One That Matters Most

Two years ago after having my third daughter, I really had to sit down a redefine who I really was. See, for some time I was building this brand called Full Time Mom, and as I built that brand I was becoming that brand – it almost had a hold on me. My husband made sure I knew I was not a “Full Time Mom,” but I was something more. I was so wrapped in the worldly view of doing it all as a mom and making sure I also was doing something for myself, if that was in business or taking time for myself.

As I sat there I started to see how much I made this whole "Full Time Mom" identity. In that split moment, God spoke to me and said, “Oh, Francielle, you are so wrapped up in too many titles when really the only title that matters is who you are in me, a child of God.”

Galatians 3:26 states something very important: through faith, we become sons and daughters in Christ Jesus. So, what's my point? As we get older and we think we are all these titles that we were given since we were children, the only title that will fill us up is being a child of God. All the other titles are by works – this title is the works of Jesus Christ.

What title is keeping you stressed, frustrated and lonely?

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