Do You Have a Prayer of Peace in This Time of Uncertainty? by Stephanie Cannoe

Faith & Spirituality
8 months ago
Do You Have a Prayer of Peace in This Time of Uncertainty?

I can't sleep, I'm intimately aware of the human limitations I wrestle with tonight. I am gripping to something, which is always my cue to pay attention. I made an innocent mistake, but to this person it meant so much more. She let me know it by becoming disproportionately unforgiving and I was treated unfairly, and this pain woke me up.

The truth is, my reaction is mine to own, I know that, and my perception is limited to my inner experience and dialog. I see that too, but I also recognize that I need to acknowledge my feelings. There's nothing else to do, that is the process. I accept that I am a sensitive person and that this is simply another opportunity to heal and to offer myself the kindness that I did not receive.

In the background, I hear my sound machine and I take a deep breath, as I listen to the waves crashing. A gift in this moment, a pause, bringing me back to my senses and an interconnectedness, to the resources available to me whenever I need them. I decided it was time to let this go, since I don’t want to own this pain any longer. I found my peace and prayed that this person will find their own peace, too.

Do you have a prayer for peace? If so, I hope you will share your story in the comments below.

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Donna John
Beautiful, Stephanie Cannoe . Think we've all been there when someone won't forgive or let go and move on. Love reading your posts.
Stephanie Cannoe
Thank you for the inspiration! A beautiful image. I felt the love.
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
"I decided it was time to let this go, since I don’t want to own this pain any longer." That is the key, Stephanie Cannoe . Yes, we have all been there. The key is knowing when it is not serving you, and letting it go. So very hard to do, but key to our health and happiness. Thank you for inspiring me, as always! xoxo
Stephanie Cannoe
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds Thank you. Spiritual awareness and growth is not for the faint of heart. I find as I heal my wounds my level of sensitivity and depth of vulnerability grows. The ability to discern on another level what no longer serves me and choose to let go is Key! I couldn't agree more.
Gail Harris
Stephanie Cannoe Thanks for sharing your experience the way you did. It’s is very profound, raw, true and universal and a gift to anyone who can take it in. You are a beautiful writer, person and friend.
Stephanie Cannoe
Gail Harris Thank YOU! Yes, the depth and meaning - the specific frequency behind the words is what I hope is received. You always do. Such a blessing to have you in my life my friend. ❤
Stacey Roberts
Doesn’t this fall under “you just never know what’s going trip someone’s trigger”? From there, I’ve copied and pasted your “tip” in my notes so I’ll always have it as a reference. Your level of spiritual awareness you’ve reached and the wisdom you not only draw from it, but share with this tribe is invaluable.
Stephanie Cannoe
Stacey Roberts I'd like to read, 'you just never know what's going to trip someone's trigger.' Thank you for your kind words, you made my day even brighter! Back at YOU. ❤
Nicole DeAvilla
Forgiveness in all of its forms is very powerful. Forgiving one's self can be the hardest. So happy for you that you found your inner peace once again.

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