Mom & Dad: Is Your Toddler Pushing Your Buttons? Here Are 5 Tips for Surviving the Toddler Years! by Lauren Hutson

3 years ago
Mom & Dad: Is Your Toddler Pushing Your Buttons? Here Are 5 Tips for Surviving the Toddler Years!

A few months before my son turned 3, my husband and I started to notice a shift. He was no longer our little baby but a full-blown toddler. While the toddler years can be great fun, they can also be frustrating, both for your toddler and you. Here are some tips for getting through it!

  • Take a break. Emotions can run high when your toddler starts to discover how to push your buttons. Before your emotions get the best of you, grab a glass of wine, lock yourself in the bathroom and take a 10-minute break. It’s better for everyone.
  • Bribe. Sometimes bribes are a necessary evil. Potty training, bedtime and tantrums are all perfectly valid reasons to bribe your child.
  • Invest in a good vacuum (with multiple attachments). Goldfish, doughnuts, scraps of paper, even play dough – anything they can destroy – will wind up on your floors. Buy the best vacuum on the market. You will thank me later.
  • Celebrate their accomplishments. Your toddler will reach a lot of milestones in the next few months and years. Enjoy and celebrate every achievement and be sure to express how proud you are of your child.
  • Embrace the crazy. These years only last so long, so enjoy them.

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Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
So true, Lauren Hutson ! Thanks for the laugh and reminder of those wild and wonderful and exhausting and maddening and sweet years! Xoxo
Mike Prochaska
I love the toddler years
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Haha, this brought back lots of good (and tiring) memories for me. Thanks for sharing, Lauren Hutson , and welcome to our 30Seconds tribe. Can’t wait to see more from you! 😀

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