The Importance "Yes": Why Saying "Yes" As a Parent Is Exhausting – But Essential by Kristan Wager

6 years ago

The Importance "Yes": Why Saying "Yes" As a Parent Is Exhausting – But Essential

So, my 10-year-old had this great Valentine’s Day plan. He was getting up early and making us all pancakes! He was so thrilled to do this for all of us that I just smiled and said, “Great, honey! What an awesome plan!” Inwardly I was cringing because I knew that this plan was going to cost me. Outwardly, I made sure my face did not reflect one bit of my chagrin because I did not want to crush his spirit. Why is “Yes!” so important? 

  • Yes says “I love you.”
  • Yes says “I believe in you.”
  • Yes says “Go for it! You can do this!”

Why is “Yes!” so hard? Saying “Yes” is like throwing a rock in a pond, the ripples are inevitable. I did not have time to clean a blown up kitchen today, but I did it anyway because “Yes!” made my son’s day. Removing flour and syrup from every available surface did not feel like love, but it was. He walked out the door filled with joy because he made pancakes and we loved them. He did not even see the mess he left behind. All he saw was our smiling faces and yes, it was fine with me.

Say “Yes” even if it costs you. Love is priceless.

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Barbara Tennant
Your son came up after school to tell me what a great job he did. Proud of you Momma!
Elisa Schmitz
OMG, I love this! I am smiling and nodding my head because so many of us have been there, Kristan Wager . We cringe but we say yes, because it lights them up inside. Your "after" photo is priceless. Thank you for sharing this with us! xoxo
Kristan Wager
A day in the life of a mom. When I showed him the tip he said "Did I really leave that mess?"
Mike Prochaska
Of course say yes those are the moments they and you will always remember
Anne Marie Tarjan Robbins
I love the honesty. Truth in it all. So often we can say no and forget to say yes. They need this. They need to know they are loved with a simple word.
Meredith Schneider
Oh Kristan Wager , I so can relate to this! With all 4 of our kids I would catch myself hesitate when they would ask, “Mommy, can I help you in the kitchen?” My mind would race with all those thoughts of, it’s gonna be a mess, we don’t have time, I can do it faster. But seeing their faces how could I say no. The mess is worth it, their boosted confidence of self accomplishment they did it, slowing down and making memories that will last forever is doubly worth it. xoxo xoxo
Julio Caro
Thanks For Sharing....

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