It's Time to Say Yes to J-O-Y: How to Create a Joy Toolbox! by Annie Burnside

9 months ago
It's Time to Say Yes to J-O-Y: How to Create a Joy Toolbox!

I encourage all parents to create a joy toolbox of simple pleasures that can be easily accessed when either a moment of free time appears or as a means to ignite passion and inspiration into the mundane. We are responsible for our reality; our state of being determines how we interact with the world. A few of my JOY tools include: 

  • a lounge chair in my backyard that moves according to my desire for sun or shade (often my journal enhances this time)
  • music available in most rooms (even the laundry room)
  • a favorite park bench
  • dancing
  • a daily walk flexible in time and direction 

Say YES to JOY!

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