Ladies Night Just Got Classy With This Thrift Shop Challenge for Your Tribe by Tiffany Zook

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4 years ago
Ladies Night Just Got Classy With This Thrift Shop Challenge for Your Tribe

Thrift store shopping is one of my passions. It’s like digging for buried treasure, plus I’ve never needed to resuscitate my pocketbook like after a day at the mall. I have found major deals at thrift shops over the years. If you and your tribe are looking for a good laugh, try this ladies night:

  • Set a date for a girl’s night out. Classy restaurant, bowling, concert, movies.
  • Everyone attending throws their name and size into a hat. (Top: small, jeans: size 8, dress: medium, keep it simple.) Draw names and keep it a secret.
  • During the week, you must shop for your friend at a local thrift shop – Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.
  • Go wild or keep it casual – ‘70s, Lady Gaga, mother-of-the-bride, nautical, you’re the designer. Add some accessories for that finished look.
  • The big reveal. Pick a house to meet at for a quick appetizer, play dress up and then hit the town. Before you leave, each person must guess who their secret shopper was!
  • Here’s the rub! You and your friends can’t tell anyone why you are dressed that way! Zip your lip. Enjoy the attention – and own it! 

You may walk away from the evening with a new style ... or a new "frenemy."

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
OMG, this is hilarious! How fun! I want to do this. What a riot. You always have the best ideas, Tiffany Zook !

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