"Conquering Life’s Stage Fright": Rock 'n' Roll Advice to Help Teens (and Parents) Forget Anxiety & Succeed! by Kirstin Ahearn

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3 years ago
"Conquering Life’s Stage Fright": Rock 'n' Roll Advice to Help Teens (and Parents) Forget Anxiety & Succeed!

What can a professional drummer teach you and your teens about success? A lot, it turns out. While Mark Schulman (drummer for Pink, CherBeyoncé and many others) didn’t write his short and sweet “Conquering Life’s Stage Fright: Three Steps to Top Performance” book with kids and parents in mind, it is chock full of concrete advice that leads anyone toward a better life.

Mark shares his own methods of overcoming fears and nerves along with tips and tales from fellow rock stars, famous athletes, actors, business people and many others who have gone from good to great in their careers and lives. After reading it for the second time, I decided it’s a “must read” for my two daughters – especially as my oldest prepares for college.

My favorite chapter is 28 (it’s only two pages!), where Mark talks about changing our daily language from “have to” to “get to.” Aren’t we lucky when we look at all the great things we “get to” do each day of our wonderful lives? Highly recommend this book for everyone!

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This sounds like a fantastic book that my teens may even read! Thanks for the wonderful suggestion, Kirstin Ahearn !
Kirstin Ahearn
Really full of great advice and stories of why successful people are ... well, successful!

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