Toxic Beauty? Claire's Makeup Recalled Because of Asbestos Concerns by Kristin Svets

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6 years ago

Toxic Beauty? Claire's Makeup Recalled Because of Asbestos Concerns

The Claire's makeup recall is absurd and appalling. This was announced a few days before Christmas. Sadly, it is the second time this year that a store marketing to young girls and teens has had their makeup products turn out positive for asbestos (it happened with Justice back in July). 

How can this happen in this day and age? Because regulations and required testing before releasing to the market in this industry are drastically lacking. We all deserve better. Make sure those you love who might have purchased this for their girls are returning the products.

Read more about the Claire's makeup recall via Time and see a complete list of the recalled products

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Donna John
Scary! I've bought this for my niece before. Will make sure to check the list. Thanks for sharing, Kristin Svets .
Elisa Schmitz
Oh my goodness! My teen daughters used to work at Claire's. Thank you for this important heads up, Kristin Svets . We have to keep our kids safe!

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