Parents & Teachers: Communication Is Critical for a Positive School Year by Kristin Jenkins

a year ago
Parents & Teachers: Communication Is Critical for a Positive School Year

Teachers, involve parents, in a positive manner, at the very beginning of the school year. If difficult conversations come up, you've already built positive rapport with them. I call each one of my students' families before school even starts.

  • I introduce myself.
  • Invite them to back-to-school night.
  • Ask them if there's anything they'd like to share with me about their child. 

A grad school instructor suggested this to me several years ago and I've been doing it ever since!

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Donna John
Agreed! Teachers and parents need to talk throughout the year for academic success for kids. Welcome to the tribe! Kristin Jenkins
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Couldn't agree more. Thanks for the great first post, Kristin Jenkins , and welcome to our #30Seconds tribe! :-)
Bri Montoya
This year, my son has a few teachers that are great about communicating with us and a few that are not-as-great, and I can definitely see the difference in his performance, motivation, and enjoyment between those two groups!
Mike Prochaska
Great first tip! #playmatters

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