Give More Hugs: How This Non-Profit Empowers Students to Give Back (& Parents, Too)! by Alex Bryant

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6 years ago

Give More Hugs: How This Non-Profit Empowers Students to Give Back (& Parents, Too)!

The mission of Give More Hugs is to unite giving souls to help underprivileged students develop a lifelong love for learning, reading and creativity. The organization's student ambassador, Darin Iraj, shares tips for parents with giving kids:

  • It's important for parents to encourage their children to serve as role models and encourage other children to achieve their potential.
  • Current youth are the future leaders and change makers for the future, so it is important for children to get involved in organizations like Give More Hugs from their teenage years and promote activism among their peers.
  • Give More Hugs is a great organization for kids to get involved in because you have the opportunity to directly be involved, give back to underserved communities and see firsthand the impact a small gesture can make.
  • Being involved in an organization like Give More Hugs teaches children how to come together with people from other communities and parts of the country and work as a team and raise awareness about the educational inequalities that affect many children. I feel that I have also grown as a leader and have learned how to initiate service projects to help those in need.

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Elisa Schmitz
This sounds like a wonderful organization. Alex Bryant . Thank you for sharing these great tips, too! 👍

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