Mastery of Motherhood: Is It Possible, Moms? Take My Survey! by Dr. Christina Hibbert

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6 years ago

"Mastery of Motherhood." It's the title of the latest book I'm working on. But I want to know from you: Do you think it's possible? Why or why not?

I've been traveling the country speaking to moms like you about the idea that we could potentially "master" motherhood, and you moms have had much to say!

I am listening. I want to hear from you what your experience of motherhood is, how you seek to "master" it (or not), why you feel it is or isn't possible, and what you believe moms most need to know/understand/hear/believe/learn. Most importantly, I want to hear your stories of "being mom," what it's really like for you, what you need and how I might be of service.

Take my "M.O.M. Survey" now, and be part of my new book and perhaps even featured in it! Together, we can figure this "motherhood mastery" thing out, and perhaps even, one day, achieve it!

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Elisa Schmitz
I love this and I love You, Dr. Christina Hibbert ! Thank you for being with me on #30Seconds Live. So fun to spend time with you. I’m so excited about Mastery of Motherhood!! ❤️
Donna John
Just finished taking your survey. Hope everyone else does as well! Dr. Christina Hibbert

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