Halloween Activities: Playful & Fun Ways to Get Kids Into Character This Halloween! by Jocelyn Greene

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5 years ago

Get your kids into their Halloween characters and have lots of fun in the process with these two interactive activities. Who will have more fun, you or the kids?

  • Dance it Out: Get physical with a character-inspired dance party! What are the jams that your character might move and groove to? Ghostbusters and Monster Mash are all well and good, but have your child make a playlist based on what their character would love at a dance party. Cinderella loves a good waltz and maybe your dinosaur likes to roar to the score of “Land Before Time?” Play Red-Light-Green-Light or Freeze Dance to add a little structure to the moving. If they feel like choreographing anything specific that is most encouraged! Do it in costume, of course, so that they feel their character at all times. After their blood is flowing their ideas for their character will be activated. A side benefit is that it warms up their "trick or treat!" voice, too!
  • Boom Chica Boom: This call-and-response game is wonderful way for your kid to get to know who they are "playing" this Halloween. You can help your child explore different emotions or the entire arc of their character! The back-and-forth mirroring quality supports bonding while the playful/gibberish words encourage uninhibited choices.

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