Ever Been Told to Speak Your Mind? Now It's Time to #SpeakYourBody! by Erica Hornthal

2 years ago
Ever Been Told to Speak Your Mind? Now It's Time to #SpeakYourBody!

In light of the natural disasters, terrorist attacks and tragedies that inundate our world, it is all too common to see "thoughts and prayers" going out to or with the victims and families of those tragedies. This is a well-intended gesture and meant to instill a sense of oneness, camaraderie and community, but what we need now is action! It is not enough to speak the words. We need to embody the change we want to see happen in this world. I invite you to take the #speakyourbody challenge! 

  • Close your eyes and check in with your body (think of "head, shoulders, knees and toes" as a guide). 
  • Notice any sensations or feelings without judgement. 
  • Ask yourself what your body needs in this moment. 
  • Set your body in motion and find a way to act, not just speak.

Perhaps your body is feeling sad, confused, afraid, overwhelmed, anxious ... the list goes on. Examples of action might be putting together a community support group, spending time with family and friends, celebrating life, finding ways to connect to your joy. The action doesn't have to be of heroic proportions, it just has to meet the need inside of you to feel supported, validates, seen and heard.

Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
I love this, Erica Hornthal ! So agree. Thank you for sharing this wonderful perspective on how we can take action!

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