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6 years ago

Divorced Parents Need to Arrange Holiday Parenting Time Now: 3 Tips From a Family Law Attorney

Now is the time for divorced parents to review where their child(ren) will spend the holidays to avoid any conflicts or disagreements later. Helen Ashford, family law attorney at Luckett & Ashford, shares advice on how divorced parents should prepare now to avoid an emergency motion during the holiday season:

  • Review your parenting plan. A parenting plan is a written agreement that allocates significant decision-making responsibilities, parenting time or both. In most states, it is required that holiday parenting time guidelines be clearly defined within a parenting plan. Parents should carefully review terms outlined in the parenting plan regarding holidays and confirm with their ex-spouse prior to the holiday season to avoid conflict.
  • Resolve conflicts in advance. If there is a holiday one parent would like to spend with their child(ren) but is not stated in the agreement, both parents will need to have a mutual agreement and court-ordered modification. If a parent is not willing to comply to a modification, you will need to seek assistance from a family law attorney to file a motion. Be aware that it is extremely difficult to schedule a hearing if it is too close to the holidays.
  • Be flexible. Parenting time should be fair and, ultimately, work in the child’s best interest. Remember to focus on your child and not your “rights” or the parenting time given to your ex-spouse. As mentioned before, if it is pertinent that you spend a certain holiday with your child and you cannot reach a mutual agreement with your ex-spouse, you will need to work with your attorney to resolve the matter.

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Elisa Schmitz
Yes, you need to think all of this through in advance. Nothing worse than fighting for time with the kids over the holidays!
L. L. Walters
We had a "mine", "his" and "our" household -which meant dealing with 2 ex's each holiday. (These where the ones who never wanted to be there at any other time of the year, I might add.) To de-stress the situation- we celebrated our "family holiday two days after Christmas. I was also able to go post shopping and get much more for the $ this way. - To make the "our" daughter not feel left out when the other 2 walked back in the door w/ their spoils- we had Santa visit leave gifts over her Aunt's house just for her on Christmas morning. The Aunt LOVED it and my youngest never felt like she was "missing out" just because her parents were still together. ;)
Oh, this is a very complicated topic. For children, the divorce of parents is just as difficult as for the parents themselves. The topic of the article is incredibly relevant. Thanks for this. My ex-husband and I thought for a long time how to tell our son that we were getting a divorce. As a result, we decided to turn to a psychologist for help. It really helped. Because divorce is always stressful. Even if you don't need to seek a lawyer, and you decide to independently prepare documents for a divorce, using a service such as , in any case, a divorce takes a lot of time and effort. Please, parents, don't leave your children alone to understand their experiences. Remember that it is difficult for you, but worse for them!

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