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Get Kids Into Coding & Entering STEM Fields With Codeverse's Katy Lynch! by Donna John

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6 years ago
Get Kids Into Coding & Entering STEM Fields With Codeverse's Katy Lynch!

In today’s world, coding is as essential as math and science. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be more than one million unfilled tech jobs by 2020. So how can parents get their kids interested in coding? Enter Katy Lynch. Katy is the co-founder of Codeverse, the world’s first fully interactive coding studio for kids, founded on the mission to teach a billion kids to code. Katy was our guest at this week's #30Seconds Twitter chat and discussed the importance of getting kids into coding now!

Q: First of all, where did you get the idea to start Codeverse?

The idea came from a film I saw called " CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap" while I was the CEO of  Techweek. The documentary deep dives into the lack of women and minorities in STEM, which is disheartening I wanted to solve this issue. So, Craig Ulliott and I decided to build a business that teaches kids the vital skill of coding in a fun, engaging way. In our interactive studio, kids build apps and games and control lights, speakers, and robots using real code that they write!

Q: Your mission is to “teach a billion kids to code.” Why coding? Why now?

Kids are growing up in the digital age. They are exposed to technology in a way that we never were when we were young. Technology is disrupting every industry. Knowing how to code is a huge asset, and important for kids to learn when they're young! By 2025, over one million tech jobs will go unfilled in U.S. We need to equip kids with the right tech skills to prepare them for the future. Plus, coding teaches children life skills outside of actual programming, like problem solving, creativity and independence.

Q: Talk to us about the lack of women in STEM. How do we solve this?

There are a multitude of reasons for a lack of women in STEM: stereotypes, gender bias, lack of self-esteem, to name a few. We need to a better job highlighting role models and providing mentors and resources to girls who are interested in STEM. Get girls excited about STEM when they are young. Do research into local programs and organizations that supports them. Remember this: more women in STEM means more innovation. More innovation and progress leads to a better, safer world!

Q: What about kids that don’t end up in STEM fields. Should they still learn to code? Why or why not?

Yes! Learning to code isn’t limited to those who want to become engineers. It’s a powerful, useful skill to have in any job! Think about it: Your daughter wants to be the next Beyonce. She can use code to build a site, market herself and create music. Having an understanding of HOW technology actually works is extremely beneficial and can change lives in a positive way.

Q: Let’s get real about entrepreneurship. What does it really take to be a business owner?

Entrepreneurship is life changing. It takes passion, perseverance, intellectual curiosity and a positive attitude to succeed. You have to be willing to work extremely hard, take risks, fail, learn from those failures and keep going. Entrepreneurs must understand every part of their business (sales, tech, product, etc.) not just the parts they're good at. And, you must pay attention to the numbers. If your startup isn’t generating revenue, it is just a hobby, not a business.

Q: Are there blogs or websites you recommend for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Yes! Many. I’m a big fan of Mark Suster’s blog, “Both Sides of the Table.” He’s raw, he’s funny and super smart. I also love Jeff Jordan’s blog. He provides a lot of valuable insights about running a startup. Quora is another great resource to seek answers from entrepreneurs who have “been there, done that.” The truth is, though, the best way to learn is by doing. The hardest thing to do is start.

Q: This has been a very enriching discussion about kids, girls, women, coding, entrepreneurs, STEM and jobs! How can we learn more about you and Codeverse?

Thanks! You can learn more about Codeverse by going to (First class is free!)

Be sure to follow @thekatylynch and @codeverse, like Codeverse on Facebook, visit and, and check out Katy’s 30Seconds page!

Elisa Schmitz
So so excited about Codeverse and having Katy Lynch as our featured guest on #30Seconds chat! Katy is an amazing entrepreneur, and I love her mission to teach a billion kids to code. So needed as we progress as a tech society. Hope you can join us! Donna John Brandi Donahue Nicole DeAvilla Kim Kusiciel Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead Chef Gigi Gaggero Pam McCormick Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP 2 Minute Yoga Dr. Shayna Mancuso Heather Frey Heather Bragg Heather Webb Coolbaugh Amanda Ashlee Benest Beth Aldrich, CHC, AADP, CNT Cheryl Leahy Amber Cheras ✈️It's Just Me✈️ Correy Kustin CosmoFrank Jennifer Young Dr. Monisha Vasa Christie Gosch Dr. Christina Hibbert Christine Wolf Francielle Daly Meredith Schneider Meredith Mercedes Samudio Toni B TONIA L.CLARK Laura Greenwald lorri langmaid Lorri Langmaid Lori Leal Stacie Ast-Kutzbach Stacy Draeger-Brogan Stacey Freeland Tiffany C Tiffany Anne Tiffany Zook Sharon ❥ Chrissy ❥ Andrea Hinckley melinda Melinda Holly Budde Holly Love Kristy Dominiak sherry bracy SillySheep Sheryl Gould Sandy VanBuskirk Hustle N Glow Alex Bryant Beth Engelman Margaret McSweeney Margaret Steck Kelli Schulte joell51868 Ann Poyer Andrea Jewell Cheyenne&HuntersMama @flipflop_mommy Kimberly Angie Mozilo Raquel Masco Kathline Arce Mommaofboys33 Jan Mostrom Laurel Smith jennah jackson Jenna Lee Candace Reid Mitchell Barney Rachel Markwood Rachel W. Lewter Rachel Erickson vidya P Tina Haupert Jeannine Jeannie Greener Ashley Turner Rick Baldock Dawn W. Ashley Martin Amber Chandler Eirene Heidelberger Just me Wendy Rafferty Cheryl Lagars Alexis Yoakum Dawn W. Ayana Rose Melinda Sutton Amber DePaolo Rachel Markwood MrsTaylor2U Stacey Roberts Sandy Greiner, PMA-CPT Casey Mclendon Kathy Shimmield Kathy Ast-Kutzbach
Katy Lynch
Cannot wait for this!
Kim Kusiciel
This is going to be a good one!!! Can't wait to chat Katy Lynch!
Karen L
This is going to be a good chat. My daughter just started using SCRATCH and she loves it Coding is teaching her patience too.
Toni B
Sounds great! I would love to learn how-to as well.
Casey Mclendon
I'm going to try to join in for this one! As a mother who homeschools 3 sons and has no clue about coding! I definatly want to learn more! Casey Mclendon

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