Proud to Be a Texan: Coming Together After Hurricane Harvey by Donna John

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6 years ago

Proud to Be a Texan: Coming Together After Hurricane Harvey

Born and raised in the Houston area, the threat of hurricanes and tropical storms are just a way a life during the summer months. Never, however, have we experienced anything like the wrath of Hurricane Harvey. As I sat and watched the hurricane coverage, I marveled at the way the citizens of the great state of Texas came together – all races, genders, ages, religions, nationalities. None of that was important anymore. None of that should have ever been important. We still have a long road to hoe. As the water recedes, it's time for us to step up even more: 

  • Clean out those closets, kitchen cabinets, cleaning closets and put a box together to donate. 
  • Make a trip to the store when it's safe and buy needed items like diapers, socks, non-perishable food, cleaning supplies, etc., to donate. (Here's how to make a deployment box.)
  • Find out where you can volunteer and reach out. 
  • Have extra bedrooms? Find out if any family or friends need a place to stay. 
  • When the cleanup begins, help neighbors remove furniture, carpets, etc., or offer to watch each other's kids while work is being done. 
  • Don't live in the area? Make a monetary donation to organizations helping the recovery effort (see a list of places to donate).

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Donna John
And shout out to all the states helping with the recovery effort - Louisiana (Cajun Navy!), Oklahoma, California... Know there's more. All help is appreciated.
Elisa Schmitz
This is unbelievable. Thank you for sharing this powerful video, and how we all can help. It makes me proud to be an American. Together, we will support Texas, Louisiana, and all of our fellow Americans struggling through Harvey. Big love to you, Donna John ! xoxo
S Roberts
My 18 yr old daughter is having corrective bk surgery 9/20 at ucsf and the recovery is brutal. As everyday draws closer I have more and more crying spells throughout the day, but I'm wrought with the knowledge it's going to drop me to my knees when they roll her off to surgery. Then I just watched this video...I know I'm still going to drop to my knees when they take her away, but we're going to take her home to a house that's intact, she'll be able to sleep in her bed, I'll be able to cook in my kitchen and wash our clothes, jump in the car and run to the grocery store and the list goes on that I would've taken for granted and looked at my glass as 1/2 empty instead of 1/2 full if it weren't for seeing this video. It's hearthbreakingly inconceivable how devastated the lives of so many are, but incredibly heartwarming seeing the country come together to rebuild all that Harvey has destroyed. Also thank you for providing the link where we can donate
Ann Marie Patitucci
Will be thinking of you and your daughter, Stacey.
S Roberts
Thank you Ann Marie! This has given me opportunity to reassess what a luxury it is to have a home that is habitable.
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thank you, Donna. Prayers for all of you in Texas. xoxo

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