The Secret to a Successful School Year? Routines! Don't Believe Me? Try This! by Kim Kusiciel

The Secret to a Successful School Year? Routines! Don't Believe Me? Try This!

Getting back into the school routine can be tough. Here are a few ways to make a successful transition to a new school year for pre-K kids and beyond!

The night before: 

  • Set out clothes for the next day. 
  • Get extras sorted (homework, permission slips, lunch money, etc.). 
  • Prep lunch (keep cold items in fridge until the morning).
  • Put stuff by your exit door (shoes, backpack, water bottle, jackets, etc.).

The morning of: 

  • Use a timer clock! Use Expo markers to write on a clock's plastic cover by coloring when it's time to eat, time to get ready, time to leave. Make it your own with other times you need to include.
  • State what each kid needs and then have them sound off. For example, "I need my backpack, water bottle, lunch and a hug from my mom/dad." (OK, that last one was for us!) By stating it and doing this every day, they'll get in a good habit and always be prepared. Add other tasks as they get older like, "I need my homework" or "I need my keys." 
  • Keep breakfast simple! Have quick breakfasts ready to go. Make breakfast egg cups ahead of time or pancakes. Use a protein-packed mix to make muffins that offer a double dose of healthy nutrients. We love Kodiak Cakes!

You and your little one will be off to an A+ start!

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Meredith Schneider
Oh Kim Kusiciel, I so need to follow these tips! The morning school scramble with 4 makes me bat sh$t crazy! Not this year especially with three different schools again with a 1st grader, 4th grader, 8th grader and sophomore! More wine please!
Kim Kusiciel
I hear you on the wine! Routines are my life saver. My kids, luckily, respond really well to them. What else do you and your kids do in the morning or the night before to be ready?

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