Selling Your Home Isn't Like Reality TV Shows: Here are 10 Cold, Hard Real Estate Facts! by Holly Budde

3 years ago
Selling Your Home Isn't Like Reality TV Shows: Here are 10 Cold, Hard Real Estate Facts!

Let me guess: You have listed your home for sale, you have watched all the TV shows about it and now you’re perplexed that it isn’t sold? Here are the cold, hard facts why reality TV isn’t real-world selling:

  1. You can over-improve! Updates are wonderful, but not all generate a return.
  2. A buyer never chooses one of three homes – often they look for months!
  3. Going back to No. 1, are you overpriced? Reality TV never mentions appraisals! Regardless of what you have in it, your comps are your neighborhood's sold prices for 12 months.
  4. Real estate is always a local business! What is listed (and its price) is your competition.
  5. Open houses do not usually generate a crowd. Unless, of course, a TV producer pays the extras to show.
  6. Every buyer has a right to, and every lender will require, an appraisal. 
  7. What you owe plus what you have added is your problem, not the buyer's! Net listings (a minimal amount you must achieve) is usually an overpriced house.
  8. If you aren’t agent-friendly, they don’t show it.
  9. Every local market generates its own statistics. National trends are meaningless in your situation. Gather local facts!
  10. Builder incentives in your area are your competition.

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Donna John
You are right on with these tips, Holly Budde ! They make it look so easy on TV.
Holly Budde
yes they do. but as you know --local markets !!
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Sold my house two years ago. Could have used your great tips, Holly Budde ! xo
Holly Budde
i think you a set! 💖
Gigi Gaggero
This is very informative. Thank you Miss.
Holly Budde!! get your license California
Meredith Schneider
Oh Holly Budde so gonna hang onto these tips! Not selling yet but at that point of tossing around the idea. Been in our house 15 yrs and I'm so ready for change!
Holly Budde
Let me know if I can help you in any way. always fun to think of a new house
Meredith Schneider
Love your tips Holly Budde, I called it out 9 months ago! We are moving to Florida after the kids get out of school! Yay! Ready for the beach and done with these Texas tornadoes!
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Will keep these tips in mind when it's time to sell my NY house. Thanks, Holly Budde !
Holly Budde
Meredith Schneider we Have to have a meet up Before you Go!!! where in Fl are you moving too? i love Fl🌞🐬🌴
Thank you for these informative points. I am about to sell my house and I am thinking to a hire real estate agency NJ from . I am sure they will make the house selling process easy as they have a great experience. All your tips are also useful while the house selling process.
Holly Budde
Best of luck to you in selling your home! I always recommend using a licensed professional in your state. Every state is different and agents are skilled in their states laws. Sounds like you are on good hands. I’ll be sending some more general tips in this week. hope you will benefit from them !

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