The Movie’s Great, But You’re the Real Wonder Woman – Here’s Why! by Gail Harris

2 years ago
The Movie’s Great, But You’re the Real Wonder Woman – Here’s Why!

Mom, you ARE a wonder, and wonderful, too, through the sheer force of being you. You doubt it? I forget, too. But my true self knows, and her priority is finding that inner knowing whenever I forget. How? With powerful little tool I developed I’m calling the “Wonder Woman Challenge,” and I’m passing it on to you. Ready? 

Take a few minutes alone, and quietly and lovingly answer the following questions about what you value, how you give and what you do. Your answers, when you dwell on them a bit, will be your gift by revealing – and helping you to honor – the Wonder Woman of you. The deeper you go, mom, the more wonderful the gift. How do you:

  • Express your love?
  • Connect with your heart?
  • Connect with Spirit?
  • Nurture others?
  • Nurture yourself?

There you are, Wonder Woman.

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
I so love this, Gail Harris - you are truly a Wonder Woman! Can't wait to see the movie about you, LOL!! xoxo
Gail Harris
I'm smiling, ear to ear Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds . Thank you. You're pretty wonder-ful yourself.
Meredith Schneider
Awesome reminder for all of us! Thanks Gail Harris :) xo
Gail Harris
You're welcome @merber38. Hope you're well.
Nancy Dafoe
The hero/heroine in all of us.
Gail Harris
Absolutely. Have a great weekend Nancy Dafoe

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