Frogs Dying in Your Swimming Pool? Try This Hack That Can Save Lives by Donna John

a year ago
Frogs Dying in Your Swimming Pool? Try This Hack That Can Save Lives

Have a pool? Love frogs? Well, even if you're not a big frog fan, I'm betting you don't like to find them dead in your pool or hot tub. Instead of spending my summer counting the frog casualties from what I refer to as "the death trough" in my pool, I decided to find a way to give them more time before I made my daily inspection. My solution? Put something in the the water that floats. Kind of a froggie life raft. Here are a few things that will work:

Get creative! The frogs – and your pool guy – will thank you!

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Nancy Dafoe
What a great idea. I remember seeing the dead toads and frogs in my mother's and dad's pool after just having read the book Frog and Toad to my children. It was sad. Here's a way to save them without having to constantly cover the pool.
Donna John
I'm a frog lover. Have only had two casualties so far this year. That's huge. There are hundreds of frogs on our property. Think I'm moving up from cork to the FrogLog. :-) Nancy Dafoe
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Wow, this is a great idea! My aunt always had little frogs in her pool. So good to know they can be saved!! Donna John
Donna John
Just ordered the FrogLog. Will let everyone know how it works.
Donna John
Still have zero frog deaths since buying the FrogLog last year. So happy that I'm not saving or recovering dead frogs from the pool anymore, and just enjoying watching them swim and hop around the yard. Highly recommend, tho I am going to have to buy another one soon because it's gotten very faded from the sun. Still works, so just a looks issue for me. :)

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