Frogs Dying in Your Swimming Pool? Try This Hack That Can Save Lives! by Donna John

2 years ago
Frogs Dying in Your Swimming Pool? Try This Hack That Can Save Lives!

Have a pool? Love frogs? Well, even if you're not a big frog fan, I'm betting you don't like to find them dead in your pool or hot tub. Instead of spending my summer counting the frog casualties from what I refer to as "the death trough" in my pool, I decided to find a way to give them more time before I made my daily inspection. My solution? Put something in the the water that floats. Kind of a froggie life raft. Here are a few things that will work:

  • round cork trivets (the ones made to put plants on or hot cookware)
  • pool noodles cut in half 
  • koozies
  • floating animals made for ponds
  • a child's plastic toy boat
  • Swimline's FrogLog (watch Froglog video to see how it works and use link below to order)

Get creative! The frogs – and your pool guy – will thank you!

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Nancy Dafoe
What a great idea. I remember seeing the dead toads and frogs in my mother's and dad's pool after just having read the book Frog and Toad to my children. It was sad. Here's a way to save them without having to constantly cover the pool.
Donna John
I'm a frog lover. Have only had two casualties so far this year. That's huge. There are hundreds of frogs on our property. Think I'm moving up from cork to the FrogLog. :-) Nancy Dafoe
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Wow, this is a great idea! My aunt always had little frogs in her pool. So good to know they can be saved!! Donna John

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