Do You Struggle With Mother's Day? It's OK, Because I Do, Too by Tori Ulrich

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10 months ago
Do You Struggle With Mother's Day? It's OK, Because I Do, Too

Mother's Day can be a tough day for me. My mother and I are long estranged after years of mess, and it's taken a lot of hard work to deal with what happened along the way. Sometimes I feel pangs of jealousy when I see my friends celebrate their moms so fiercely, or sadness when I think about what I missed, particularly mid-May. It's a hard thing this time of year, to be forced to re-face the fact that a parent dropped the ball, and I know there are other folks out there that feel this, too.

I stand in solidarity with you, folks that would like to skip Mother's Day. I will raise a glass to, and fiercely love all of my friend's moms, my friends as moms, strong women and badass working moms and all of the moms everywhere!

But I will also be glad when it's Monday.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
I am sorry, Tori Ulrich . Thank you for sharing this - I know many people who relate as well. Sending many hugs and lots of positive energy your way, chica! xoxo
Tori Ulrich
Thank you Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds ! I certainly also celebrate the moms I do know -- you are one of the great ones :) XO
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Very kind of you to say that. I do try very hard (yet often feel like I fail). The struggle is real, LOL! Thank you for all you share with us, Tori Ulrich ! xoxo
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
THANK YOU, Tori. I think this is a much needed perspective, especially this time of year.
Angie Saldana
Thanks Tori Ulrich for writing this. I am in a similar situation and it is hard for people to understand how this can happen. Everyone loves their mom, right? Kinda nice to know I am not alone in this. Thanks for sharing!!
Ella Scott
Amazing article thanks for sharing
Gigi Gaggero
I am looking forward to Monday myself! And celebrating those who are amazing! Hugs Tori ! Oxoxo
Julie Potiker
I think Mother’s Day is difficult, or downright horrible for many of us. I’ve noticed some authentic sharing around this truth this year. People are complicated, and mom’s can cause lasting trauma. Sending you a warm embrace.

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