Bullies & Mean Girls: 8 Ways to Help Your Tween or Teen Deal With Bullying! by Sheryl Gould

Bullies & Mean Girls: 8 Ways to Help Your Tween or Teen Deal With Bullying!

There is nothing that will awaken our inner momma bear more than hearing our child is being bullied. It can be difficult to know what to do as a parent. Here are a few tips to help you support your child:

  • Stay calm.
  • Allow them to talk.
  • Ask them how they would like to handle the situation.
  • Reassure them that bullying can happen to anyone, that there is nothing wrong with them and it's not their fault.
  • They don't need to put up with bullying and you are here to help them figure out how to make it stop.
  • Brainstorm with them. Take turns role-playing and help them to come up with ideas of how they might respond.
  • Depending on the situation explain to them that you may have to contact the school and report it.
  • Get support! Talk to a school counselor, teacher, principal, coach or mentor.

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Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Such helpful tips, momsoftweensandteens ! Sad that so many of us need this help. Many thanks for sharing your wisdom with us!
Sheryl Gould
I agree Elisa. It's a difficult subject and one I think many of us can relate to. Thanks for all you do everyday to help Moms!

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