Want It All, Mom? Here's the Realist's Guide to Getting It! by Holly Brown MFT

7 years ago

Want It All, Mom? Here's the Realist's Guide to Getting It!

Can you have it all? Yes, you can, by being realistic in your expectations and making the right trade-offs. It's an imperfect world with a finite amount of time. So, having it all means knowing what you value and behaving in line with your priorities.

  • First thing to do: Explicitly define what matters most. Then consider whether your time is in alignment with what's on your list.
  • Recognize the choices you make daily, and the impact they have on what you value most (yourself, your relationships, your work, etc.).

You'll have to sacrifice or cut corners somewhere. The work is figuring out where the give is. Figuring out the right trade-offs is no easy matter. It's deeply personal and involves some soul-searching. But once you pare down, what's left is the best life for you.

Donna John
Does this hit home, hollybrownMFT ! I always feel at the end of the day I didn't get enough done or check anything off my list. Guess first I need to make a list and then make changes accordingly. Welcome to the tribe! Can't wait to see more tips from you!
Holly Brown MFT
Glad it resonated! Thanks, Donna!
Elisa Schmitz
Couldn't agree more, hollybrownMFT ! I've learned to say no, which is so tough but necessary. Welcome to our tribe! Can't wait to learn and grow with you! 😀 PS: please friend me on FB at elisaall.1 so I can add you to our contributor group there!
Holly Brown MFT
Thanks, Elisa! Happy to be here and yes, I'll go friend you now!

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