Rock Painting: Why You May Need to Join a "Rock" Group for Family Fun by Renee Herren

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3 years ago
Rock Painting: Why You May Need to Join a "Rock" Group for Family Fun

I recently discovered a local “rock” group where members paint, hide and search for rocks that others leave behind at local parks and walking trails. If you’re looking for an activity for the whole family to enjoy, give rock painting a try!

You’ll need:

  • rocks (found outside or store bought)
  • container of water to rinse brushes
  • variety of paint brushes
  • acrylic paints
  • paper towels or napkins to wipe your brushes on
  • paper plate or newspaper (surface protection)
  • sealing product

Here’s how to paint your rocks:

  1. Pick and clean your rock.
  2. Assemble all supplies.
  3. Paint the whole rock.
  4. Paint the design.
  5. Seal the rock.
  6. Allow the rock to dry before hiding.

Be sure to check your area for local rock groups and follow all rules when visiting state and national parks!

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Donna John
This sounds so much fun, Renee Herren ! Going to look into it in my area. Love your painted rocks! Adding this to my to-do list with my grandson. Ashlee Smith
Renee Herren
My 12 year old (who is usually attached to his phone or game system) has been painting rocks all week with me so you know it has to be fun!
Ashlee Smith
Yes! Such a cute idea!
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
This sounds awesome, Renee Herren! I love the egg rock! :)
Renee Herren
That one might be my favorite also!
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
I absolutely love everything about this! Getting kids creative and getting them outside are often mutually exclusive, but this activity combines both. Plus, they're off electronics! Brilliant, Renee Herren !
Karen Bear
This is great, Renee!
Erin Musto
I love leaving you mark on a rock that has been kicking around on this earth for thousands of years :)
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
We did this today for the first time & had a blast. Even my 11 year old enjoyed it! :) Thanks, Renee Herren!
Mike Prochaska
We love doing this! Do at least twice a week
Keith Sereduck
My family does this all the time! We also paint shells.
Renee Herren
I’ve seen some beautiful painted shells! I love that this is an activity the whole family can enjoy!!
Keith Sereduck
Definitely. Pretty soon everything around us will be painted lol
Kimberly Chu
I love rock painting! Such a fun idea to make it a community scavenger hunt! Love this! Thanks for sharing!
Renee Herren
This activity has let me and my family be tourists in our own community! We love it!
Shannon Richardson
I had no idea "rock groups" were a thing. I am so into this. I might have to start my own! Love it. Thanks!
Renee Herren
Do a search- there might be a group in your area! ❤️

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