Are You Dating or Married to a Narcissist? Here Are 7 Red Flags From a Clinical Psychologist by Dr. Sanam Hafeez

2 years ago

Are You Dating or Married to a Narcissist? Here Are 7 Red Flags From a Clinical Psychologist

Narcissists are everywhere and in varying degrees. The current “swipe right” dating culture only feeds their agenda, and it’s important to understand who they are and how to spot them. Here are some red flag characteristics of narcissists:

  • Narcissists are off-the-charts charming. They are incredibly upbeat and bombard you with compliments. Immediately you are captivated by them. They have quick wit, can read people and know what to say to make them feel good.
  • In their mind, it's really all about them. They make it seem as if they are interested in you, however, they will always turn the conversation and back to them.
  • Rules don’t apply to the entitled narcissist. They truly believe the world revolves around them and expect others to cater to their needs. This is due to needs being unmet earlier in life.
  • They disrespect boundaries. Narcissists will do things like invade your physical space, borrow or take belongings or even money without returning or repayment. They break promises without remorse and may even blame the victim.
  • They look great on the surface. Their desire to impress others may lead them to a lot of time and money on their physical appearance. They are all about status and achievement. They’ll brag about their education, their possessions, who they know, their accomplishments and typically, it’s exaggerated.
  • They’ll disappear like a ghost and you’ll feel discarded. Narcissists will put you on a pedestal as they complement and charm you. However, once they see you’re just as interested in your own well-being, that you have other interests and put them in their place, they swiftly move on. They may even give the silent treatment and blame you.
  • Their past relationships are all drama. They will make it seem like their exes were all crazy, will share horror stories and make you feel as if you are the best thing they found. They paint themselves as the victim and may add that their ex still wants them. Pay very close attention to how the person speaks about their past relationships.

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Elisa Schmitz
Wow! Amazing insights into this personality type. Thanks for sharing Dr. Hafeez's wisdom, Donna John !
Erin Musto
I am no longer married to a narcissist but instead coparent with him... it is a hard deal
Elisa Schmitz
I am so sorry, Erin Musto ! Sending positive energy your way!!
Laurie Balles Simpson
Co-parenting with a narcissist is one of the hardest things I've had to do...or try to do anyway. I get it!
Good grief did this hit a nerve. Now you need something that tells a woman how to get away from them or repair herself after he's screwed with her head. Gurl, I tell you it's no fun.
Donna John
I'm so sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience, MtStHelen11 . Appreciate the tip idea. Look for it very soon!
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