We All Have Something to Share: Why You Should Become a 30Seconds Contributor! by Christine Jones

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7 years ago

We All Have Something to Share: Why You Should Become a 30Seconds Contributor!

Whether it's a parenting hack, favorite recipe, health news, beauty tip or product recommendation, we all have something valuable to share. And, that's the premise of 30Seconds. We make life better through the power of content and community, 30 seconds at a time. If you want to share your tips and expertise with the world, consider becoming one of our valued contributors and join our tribe. Here are just a few of the benefits you'll receive:

  • A dedicated profile page on our site that talks about you, connects others to your social networks and website, and houses all of your tips; basically, a digital portfolio of your work.
  • A powerful community that will share your tips and content across their social channels to help you reach new audiences and amplify your messages.
  • A supportive tribe of awesome women (I know it sounds braggy, but it's true) that are looking for useful shortcuts and nuggets of wisdom to make their life easier.
  • A place of belonging, community, camaraderie and friendship!  

Seriously, just take a look here at what some of our contributors say about the power of the 30Seconds community. Join us today! 

Elisa Schmitz
Yaaas! I love this, Christine Jones! What a great summary of why our tribe is so amazing, and how we welcome others to join us. Thank you! xoxo
FredWebsters FredWebsters
I think that it is so amazing!
Ann Marie Patitucci
A place of belonging, community, camaraderie and friendship indeed! I love our tribe!
Nicole DeAvilla
I think Awesome is the right word! And it's so easy to be involved on your own time, when it works for you 30 seconds at at time. The easiest FASTEST way to support and be supported.
Meredith Schneider
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds & #30Seconds tribe ROCKS's! Always my 'go to' when I need parenting, cooking, make-up and just about everything advice! LOVE LOVE LOVE this tribe! xo ;) <3

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