​Hilaria Baldwin Opens Up With Dr. Oz About Relationships, Parenting & Health Issues! by Donna John

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7 years ago

Hilaria Baldwin and Dr. Oz chatted recently about her relationship to Hollywood star and hubby, Alec Baldwin, parenting, her struggle with bulimia and her relationship with food. Here’s what she had to say!

  • Hilaria on her parenting with husband, Alec Baldwin: “He is good, he’s good. He probably needs to laugh a little bit more about it. He always says I miss it when it was just and I said when it’s just us and I wish it could be just us again. And I said well, when it’s just us we make another one. So just keep the kids around or it’s gonna get that much worse.”
  • Hilary on how she helped Alec turn his health around: “We have a healthy home and I think that having a partner who is in it and cares about you, is watching you, what you eat and how you work out, I think is what he needed. It’s helpful… The average person they want to have somebody in their life that’s going to lead you in the right direction. I definitely want that.”
  • Hilaria on her past struggles with Bulimia: “I had no energy my fuel tank was constantly empty. I would get colds all the time, and my skin, hair and nails were dull and weak. Mentally, my head was spinning, I couldn’t see it, but I was literally giving my power away to my eating disorder.”
  • On how she regained control of her relationship with food, Hilaria says: “…I started to find pleasure in engaging fully with the whole process of eating, instead of checking out or avoiding it. Also – the process I developed for my yoga students is what saved me. I committed to teaching my five principles and began to take them off the mat in all areas of my life and I began to practice yoga on my plate – I let my awareness help me become present to the experience of eating instead of escaping from it.”

The video is over 30 seconds long, but we thought it was something the tribe would enjoy watching!  Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures Television.

Elisa Schmitz
What a great interview with Hilaria on Dr. Oz. Thanks for sharing, Donna John!

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