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Health & Fitness for the New Year With Meredith Schneider! by Donna John

7 years ago
Health & Fitness for the New Year With Meredith Schneider!

2017 is YOUR year to take care of yourself from the inside out! 30Seconds contributor Meredith Schneider joined us at this week's #30Seconds chat and shared her tips on how to start new and healthy habits for the New Year!

Q: How do I stay HAPPY when struggling to meet my goals?

  • Set realistic goals for yourself. Don’t overwhelm yourself. One step at a time.
  • Celebrate small victories, i.e. more energy, clothes fit better, not out of breath when playing with the kids.
  • Don’t beat yourself up for what you ate over the holidays! It’s OK to indulge every once in a while.
  • Listen to and/or read personal development that will help you stay focused and positive.

Q: How do I make new HEALTHY choices into a lifestyle habit?

  • Tell yourself you are making a lifestyle change and you are not dieting. News flash! Diets don’t last. Focus on a lifestyle that will last forever!
  • Set yourself up for success! Plan your weekly menu, breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner!
  • Get your family involved. Might not be easy at first but they will jump on with you sooner than you think.

Q: Be FIT? How do I incorporate fitness while focusing on nutrition at the same time?

Don’t think you have to kill yourself in the gym every day. Focus on getting more active each day. Remember, it’s 80 percent nutrition and 20 percent fitness! Incorporate exercise moves anytime you can. Especially when cleaning the house. Happy endorphins anywhere, anytime! Schedule your workouts no matter if at home or the gym! They soon become a habit you won’t want to break.

Q: How do I not lose myself with all the outside pressures of weight loss fads, commercials, social media, etc.?

Super important to be YOU! Don’t try to look like someone else. It’s YOU vs. YOU! Be Happy with who you are as a person while focusing on being a better version of YOU! Be confident in your decisions. It’s OK to mess up along the way. We are all human. Most important, have a strong WHY! Why do you want to lose weight? Have more energy? Gain muscle? Be healthier?

Q: How do I not feel guilty taking care of me when I know it’s my turn to feel amazing inside and out?

It is YOUR turn! Tell yourself that! Believe it! Act on it! Tell your family your WHY! It is YOUR turn to make yourself priority! There is no reason anyone should feel guilty wanting to be healthier. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel guilty taking care of yourself. You deserve to feel amazing inside and out! Don’t focus on the small things, focus on what is most important to you and achieving your goals.

Q: How do I incorporate exercises around the house?

  • Drop it like it’s hot! And squat every time you have to pick something up off the floor.
  • Take Swiffers to a new level! And clean your floor at the same time. Put Swiffers under your feet, get into a plank and pull your knees to your chest, do 10 reps, then move to new spot. Swiffer plank position, back flat, butt down, core tight, do mountain climbers, alternating knees to your chest.
  • In between chores throw in some core and cardio! Run up and down the stairs. Waiting for oven to preheat? Hold a plank!

Q: How do I keep making healthy eating and exercise not feel like a chore?

Keep it SIMPLE! Don’t let leading a healthy lifestyle stress you out! Here’s a 3-step plan:

  • Step 1: Having a strong WHY is huge! Ask yourself what is your WHY and write it down.
  • Step 2: Make realistic goals. Get started. Take it one day at a time AND most importantly have fun!
  • Step 3: Accountability with no guesswork relives A LOT of stress. As a personal wellness coach I love providing that support.

Be sure to follow  @Merber38, visit goherbalife.comlike her on Facebook and visit her 30Seconds page!

Elisa Schmitz
Yay! One of my fave chat and fave experts, Meredith Schneider! Can't wait to kick off the new year right with you, my friend! xoxo
Kim Kusiciel
Can't wait!! One of my favorite topics!
Nicole DeAvilla
This is going to be great! Sorry to miss it as I am out of the country. I look forward to reading all about Meredith Schneider 's great tips when I return.
Meredith Schneider
Super excited to kick off the New Year with this incredible #30Second tribe! Lookout 2017 is everyone's year to feel amazing inside and out! xo ;) <3
Pam McCormick
I will be there Meredith Schneider! Normally I teach dance on wed eve but we have a "snowday" today! 😊
jennah jackson
I could totally use some tips hehe I definitely need this chat lol rsvp jennah jackson can't wait to chat with y'all
I will be there! This momma needs all the tips she can get! 2017 is MY year to take care of ME! Chat with you all tonight! #RaisingTheNeeseBoys
Really wanting to attend. Closing at 8 tonight hoping i dont have anything to get at the grocery store lol
🐉 MOMonaMission 🐞
Glad to be apart of such a great chat. Can't wait to party ladies!
Wendy Rafferty
Love health and fitness! This will be a motivating chat!
Toni B
Yeah! Can't wait!
RSVPing tonight's party! I'm looking forward to all the fitness tips
Rachel W. Lewter
I can hardly wait to see what ideas everyone has to share. I always learn from these #30seconds chats
Meredith Schneider
Woohoo! Looks like #30Seconds will be trending on Twitter tonight! See you all soon! Share away with your friends! The more the merrier! xo :) <3
Looking forward to tonight's chat!
Correy Kustin
always here @CORREYHOPE!
awesome first time joining and had a great time, thank you
Meredith Schneider
Woohoo! That's how we kick off the New Year! What a super fun chat. I'm gonna go back through stream after all 4 kids are asleep to answer any questions and be sure I didn't miss any of the awesome tweets everyone was posting. Thank you all for joining us tonight! ;)
So awesome! I was glad to be a part of it and look forward to many more this year! Happy New Year to Everyone!
Kim Zais
Had a blast thank you so much

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