Fear of the Unknown Makes It a Great Time to Unite (We Can Do It)! by Holly Budde

5 years ago
Fear of the Unknown Makes It a Great Time to Unite (We Can Do It)!

We have just endured the most bitter fight for the White House that I have ever known. There was campaign rhetoric of fear and defamation from both sides. Each candidate played the fears of their opponents' supporters to win votes. Now, society is left to pick up the pieces with raw emotions. Fear is the motivator. We will survive. Just as we have survived 44 presidents prior to this election.

We need to come together! Stop hating on one another and end the awful slurs I have seen from both sides. I refuse to participate in it. President Obama said to Trump, "If you succeed, our country succeeds." That is true. The fight has ended. It's both our honor and our responsibility to uphold the respect of our oval office. It is also time to be tolerant and understanding of others. Fear of the unknown makes it a great time to come together, not to be divided.

Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This has been such a difficult time, for so many people. Many thanks for sharing this with us, Holly Budde! Hope it helps with healing!

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