Simplify Your Life With Rocky Mountain Oils: 3 Ways to Use Lemon Essential Oil! by Kaira Rouda

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7 years ago

The great thing about Rocky Mountain Oils essential oils? They are so easy to use and keep with you all day! Lemon is particularly great. Here are three easy ways to use Rocky Mountain Oil's Lemon Essential Oil to simplify your life:

1. Clean the Natural Way: Many household cleaners contain harmful chemicals. Get rid of those and opt for pure clean. Mix 10-20 drops of lemon oil with 2 ounces of white vinegar and 2 ounces of water in a spray bottle. Spray to clean everywhere!

2. Feel Happy and Energized: Simply remove the cap of your lemon essential oil and take a deep breath. The bright citrusy scent is a known mood enhancer and can energize you for the rest of your busy day.

3. Get Rid of the GooIf you find a gob of gum, syrup or other goo in your child’s hair or on your pet’s fur, simply pull out your RMO lemon essential oil. Apply a few drops directly to the problem area and knead with your fingers. In a few minutes, the goo should dissolve completely.

If you want to try Rocky Mountain Essential Oils, learn more about them and order online at!

Elisa Schmitz
This is such a great tip. I had no idea lemon essential oil was so versatile around the house! Thank you for the info and the awesome video, Kaira Rouda! (Your dog could not be any cuter!)

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