Parenting in the Moment: Why You Need to Learn to Just Be Present! by Naimah Razak

5 years ago
Parenting in the Moment: Why You Need to Learn to Just Be Present!

Just be present and in the moment! There's no other time like right now. There will always be laundry to do and dishes to wash, but this precious window of time with your littles won’t last forever.

  • Read that extra book.
  • Ride for five more minutes.
  • Grab an extra snuggle when you can.
  • Bake those cookies and eat them, too! 

Just appreciate each and every moment – and don't take a single one for granted.

Donna John
Great reminder, Naimah Ra'idah! Welcome to the tribe! I look forward to seeing more tips from you.
Naimah Razak
Thanks @Donna. Looks like a great forum, will be checking out your tips as well!
Donna John
We're so excited to have you here! Tip away!
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
We all need this important reminder, Naimah Ra'idah! Thank you for sharing, and welcome to our 30Seconds community. Look forward to more great tips from you!
Kelli Porcaro
Thanks for this Naimah Ra'idah! It's so easy to get lost in the day to day busyness and To Dos, but you are so right on. Looking forward to more tips from you!
Naimah Razak
Thanks Kelly! You are so right. Life happens and it gets so busy, we always need this reminder!

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