The First Day of School: 6 Fun & Creative First Day Photo Ideas! by Donna John

The First Day of School: 6 Fun & Creative First Day Photo Ideas!

Looking for creative ways to capture the first day of school in a picture? Here are six ideas!

  1. Make a sign for your child to hold up that says what grade he is starting. No more guessing years later when flipping through the photo albums.
  2. Plant a tree, bush or flower to commemorate the day. Each year, have your child stand beside it so you can watch them both grow!
  3. Have your child draw and color a picture about how she feels about the first day of school. Make sure she writes her name at the top. You can see how your child’s drawings and writing progresses over the years!
  4. Have your child pose the same way each year. Or take an action shot of him doing the same thing, like walking to the school bus, packing his lunch or waving goodbye.
  5. Decorate a T-shirt with your child to wear the first day of school. It's a great photo op and you could use them later for a fun school shirt quilt.
  6. Get in the picture with your child! Ask a neighbor to snap the photo.  

If the first day of school is too hectic, take the photo on the second, third or even fourth day. No one will know!

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Such great ideas, Donna John! Love this timely tip!
Leila Ward
Great ideas! I do #1 every year and it's so nice to look back at the photos and know which grade my kids were in.
Donna John
Can't wait to see the photo of my grandson's first day of kindergarten today, Ashlee Smith . :-)

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