This PTA President Spills Her Top 3 Reasons NOT to Join the PTA by Kim Kusiciel

This PTA President Spills Her Top 3 Reasons NOT to Join the PTA

I have to be an honest with you. As a PTA President, I have learned a lot about schools, communities and parents in my role. Let me tell you the top three reasons why you shouldn't join the PTA.

  • You'll NEVER run into your child while volunteering and get a hug in the middle of the day if you join.
  • You'll NEVER see the look of appreciation from a grateful teacher if you join.
  • You'll NEVER have a voice backed by others when advocating for your child's needs if you join.

How does that sound? But, did you know that by becoming a member of a PTA you are agreeing to the mission and values of this 120-year-old organization? It also means you believe in building relationships, award-winning programs and advocacy on behalf of all children. You can join the PTA and just support the work they do. You can volunteer your time and talents. Or you can join, volunteer and be a leader. Your local PTA needs you. I can promise you five things if you join:

  1. You will make new friends. 
  2. You'll help bring in special programs. 
  3. You will have a voice. 
  4. You'll have fun! 
  5. You'll be involved and make a difference.

So go on, go join your PTA!

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
This is awesome, Kim Kusiciel ! I was on the school board but not the PTA, and volunteered as much as possible. So agree with all of this! ❤️

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