3 Reasons to Make Sleep a Family Priority (Plus Tips to Help)! by Nicole DeAvilla

4 years ago
3 Reasons to Make Sleep a Family Priority (Plus Tips to Help)!

Getting enough sleep helps kids improve:

  • grades
  • behavior 
  • health

However, we parents don't always set a good example when it comes to sleep! Sleep experts quoted in a New York Times article counsel that it's up to parents to make sleep a family priority. Kids should wake up refreshed, ready to focus and function mentally and emotionally – without parental cajoling. Here are three tips to help!

  1. Set a firm, regular bedtime. 
  2. Keep screens out of the bedroom. 
  3. Avoid caffeine near bedtime. 

Everyone is happier and better off when kids get enough sleep! Read more of this article here!

Mei Marcie
Sleep is important for skin repair too! yet those with eczema find it difficult to sleep well and children lose concentration during classes.
Nicole DeAvilla
Yes Mei Marcie people don't realize how many important aspects of our lives and health are affected by sleep. The old saying "Get your beauty sleep." has a lot of truth to it! Tell me more about how it's hard for people with eczema to sleep well.
Mei Marcie
Most of the "hardship" of sleeping when there's a child with eczema is in my cartoons!
It's so bad, that you want to cry and I ended up drawing cartoons for some relief!

There's also research linking eczema with many conditions, which can be attributed to the lack of sleep

I've also interviewed a few parenting experts like Heidi Murkoff and OzSuperNanny on my blog regarding sleep :)
Nicole DeAvilla
So great to have an expert on eczema. I had no idea it wasn't just "skin deep" so to speak. I know who to refer people to for sure - you, Mei Marcie - thanks.
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
I'm all over this, Nicole DeAvilla ! I've been a sleep tyrant since my kids were very small! :)

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