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Twins or More? 30Second Multiples Tips with @SamKJ27! by Elisa Schmitz

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Twins or More? 30Second Multiples Tips with @SamKJ27!

The sensational Samantha Kemp-Jackson is a 30Second Mom contributor who is mother to 5,000 children (OK, only four, but who’s counting?), including identical twin boys she affectionately calls the “Two-Foot Perpetrators.” Sam is a writer and PR professional who, like many busy moms, drinks wine and coffee in equal proportions. Check out her humorous blog,, where you can find even more of Sam’s musings on everything life throws at her. But first, check out these great tips on raising multiples that she shared with 30Second Mom!

Q) As a fellow mom of identical twins, I salute you! For you, what’s the most difficult thing about having multiples?

Samantha Kemp-Jackson

A) Only having two hands is stressful when parenting twins! Feeling overwhelmed physically and emotionally is a difficult part of parenting multiples.

Q) Having one baby at a time is tough enough! How can parents of multiples cope with the added responsibilities?

A) Getting outside help is key to raising multiples! Accept all offers from family and friends. Lower your expectations about what can be done and be realistic about what you CAN do when parenting twins or more.

Q) What was the most surprising thing about becoming the mom of twins?

A) People’s reactions to me becoming a parent of twins was surprising. Some of the negative comments really took me aback – they were downright rude! I was surprised to realize that I could handle the twins once I got into the groove!

Samantha's "Two-Foot Perpetrators," Aubrey and Erik.

Q) What are the best supports, other than family and friends, you would recommend to parents of multiples?

A) The best supports for parents of multiples include other parents of multiples and local playgroups. Also, parents of multiples should join a local group that caters to parents of multiples for community support and ways to save money.

Q) What have you learned about yourself having had twins?

A) Having twins made me realize that I’m so much stronger than I ever thought I was, and that I could do just about anything! Having twins has also made me a more patient person and one that doesn’t stress about the small stuff. There’s no time!

Q) What advice would you give to new parents of multiples?

A) Don’t worry about whether the house is spotless or that everything is perfect. Just take care of your babies. New parents of twins/multiples should try to get as much sleep as possible by accepting offers of help and babysitting from family and friends. Just say yes!

Thank you for the great advice! For more of Sam’s great insight into multiples and more, follow her on Twitter and check out her blog!

Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
Great tips Sam! As another fellow mother of twins, I agree that networking with other parents of multiples! It's amazing what you can learn from each other. People always say to me, "It must have been hard when they were little." Like Elisa, my twins are teenagers. Every phase of their development has challenges and joys! You just have to learn to deal with them as they come!
That's why I am a 30Second Mom I can learn from my fellow mothers of multiples...and we have a few!

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