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30Second Give-back! by Elisa Schmitz

12 years ago

We had the most amazing experience recently here at 30Second Mom. After our launch last month (wow, are we already a month old? Happy Birthday, 30Second Mom!), I recognized a few contributors who had done an exemplary job of helping spread the 30Second Mom message through great content, social media sharing, etc. As my way of saying thanks, I awarded gift certificates to several of them.

And do you know what happened? The coolest thing – it turned into a give-back for a mom in need!

As it turned out, one of the women I recognized had a friend in a bad situation who really needed a hand. So she asked me to send her gift certificate directly to the friend. When another contributor heard the story, she also asked me to “pay her good fortune forward” by sending her gift certificate directly to the mom in need. I added a third gift certificate from 30Second Mom, and sent off a package with an encouraging note, letting her know there were some moms pulling for her. It’s our hope that a little gesture like that can help not only financially, but also emotionally. After all, it makes a difference to know people are sending good thoughts your way, right?

I share this with you because I would like your feedback. When I started 30Second Mom, it was to help mobile moms with information and connections, and also to include a give-back portion to our mission. I have been exploring many avenues to help, whether through organizations or partnerships. So I turn to you and ask, how can 30Second Mom best help moms in need? How would you like to see 30Second Mom making a difference in the lives of women with children? Which organizations would you like to see us partner with?

Please share your thoughts by sending in a comment below. I appreciate your time and thoughtful feedback. Can’t wait to touch even more lives in a meaningful way through 30Second Mom. Thank you for being a part of it!

Amanda Armstrong
This post warms my heart and has so many possibilities! As an active board member for a local organization that helps families in need during times of crisis, I am reminded daily of the need for help and a leg up. With the international reach 30Secondmom has, the options are nearly endless... I would love to contribute in any way and will continue to think about this! I just need that lightbulb moment!
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you for your heartfelt comment, Amanda! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, and I'm so glad you want to be part of it. Together, we are so much more powerful, and together, we can do so much good. Keep the ideas and positive energy flowing. Thanks for being on the 30Second Mom team, it means so much!
Holly Budde
This post makes me even more proud to be part of 30secondmom! I agree with the comments above that 30secondmom has the platform and reach to help women in need. When I first read the article, "scholarship" jumped in my mind, as a way to help women get ahead with education or special training. I will contribute in any way I can with any project 30secondmom wants to do. I think this is a great idea!
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you, Holly! I appreciate your feedback and support so much. I love the idea for scholarships as a way to help women with education, training and getting ahead so they can end up much better off by helping themselves and their children in the long run. I am excited to have you on the team - together we will make a difference!
Samantha Kemp-Jackson
I think that 30 Second Mom is an amazing opportunity not only to reach out to moms, but to the larger communities and families of which they are a part. A personal concern is children's health and well-being, so perhaps that could be one facet of giving back that we can support. Thanks for keeping the positive energy flowing and providing opportunities to "pay it forward!"
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you, Samantha! I am with you on health and well-being - so much opportunity to make a difference there. I appreciate your support as we move forward with the 30Second Mom vision - thank you so much for being part of it!
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you, Shanae! Your kind words are so appreciated! I am honored by what you said, and am so excited to have 30Second Mom be a source of inspiration and support to moms everywhere, and especially to moms in need. Thank you for being part of our wonderful and growing community!
Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan
This just confirms to me what a great group of moms and role models this is!
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you, Elizabeth! That means so much! Thrilled to have you on the team. We're going to do great things together!
Rachel Nieman
This is awesome! It is so great when one small act of kindness snowballs into so many great things :)
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you, Rachel! I so appreciate you visiting and sharing your thoughts. It's our hope that 30Second Mom can continue to be a catalyst for positive things for moms everywhere!
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your feedback and experiences. You are so right, there is such a need, and together we can do so much good! I love your ideas and will be sharing the direction 30Second Mom is headed very soon. Rest assured, we are on the same page - helping moms in need is our goal and we will achieve it! Thank you for your feedback and for being a part of the growing 30Second Mom community!
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you, Ruth! I appreciate your feedback and sharing an organization you think would be a good one to partner with. There are so many fantastic organizations doing great things for mothers and children. I am incredibly excited to work toward that goal, and will be sharing our direction soon. I appreciate your visit so much, and I thank you for being part of this vibrant and caring community of 30Second Moms!
Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
Hi Elisa,
I think that you have started something that can really help Moms! There are so many woman out there who are struggling to find support. I have seen many women begging for help on places like Ellen or the Today Show. It is obvious that these women have no where else to turn. I think 30Second Mom is on it's way to becoming an amazing resource for these struggling women! 30Second Mom will be a great place for women to help women. I know that we all have something that we could share to help someone else like a crib in the attic or contacts for a job. Elisa, you always inspire me with your enthusiasm an motivation to help others. Congratulations on another wonderful adventure!
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you, Mindy! I so appreciate your kind words and support. And I am thrilled to have you with us!!

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