Want to Teach Your Child About His Future? Here’s a Creative Idea! by Gail Harris

Want to Teach Your Child About His Future? Here’s a Creative Idea!

The other day, I dragged my 12-year-old son to Crate and Barrel. I thought he’d be bored to tears, but instead he lied down on a bed and got all comfy. What a teaching moment! I then asked him how he’d decorate his home when he grew up. He took the bait. 

  • How would you decorate your bedroom? 
  • Living room? 
  • Kitchen? 
  • Bathroom? 

He showed me. Room by room, he envisioned his entire home in the store. What a chance for him to think about his future, and enjoy the present moment with me. There are so many cool ways to teach our children. 

How about you? How have you engaged your child lately?

Donna John
What a wonderful way to interact with your child, Gail Harris! My daughter used to do that at home/cooking stores. She wanted to be a chef and would tell me everything she would make with all these different items when she was little. It's fun to see their minds going.
Gail Harris
Yea. I was surprised, but it was very cool. Does your daughter still want to be a chef?
Donna John
No, but she loves to cook and is really good at it! Both of my girls are. Ashlee Smith
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
I love this tip, Gail Harris and Donna John! You truly can find teachable moments everywhere you look for them! xoxo

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