Nicole Joli is a Bronx bred certified SCRUM Master, Mom of 1 and Naturopath. She believes tea is the gateway drug to healthier, more productive living. She leads Tearado Tech where they are democratizing loose leaf tea with the first Smart Tea Cup and solving the busyness problem. She and her daughter Phoenix live a sometimes hectic plant based lifestyle. She was a Pescatarian until 2016. At 14 weeks pregnant, she transitioned to eating fully plant based. Since then she has figured out ways to keep herself and Phoenix well nourished with fast and flavorful meals, on a budget. When she isn't working, she's gardening, composting, meal prepping and concocting new plant based meals for her and Phoenix to enjoy.

Nicole has figured out a system that has helped her remain energized, stress free and productive. All as a proud (single) parent at the helm of a small business. Her system is rooted in incremental, realistic growth that starts with a solid morning routine.

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