Window Safety: 5 Things You Need to Know to Keep Kids Safe Around Windows! by Dr. Bridget Boyd

6 years ago
Window Safety: 5 Things You Need to Know to Keep Kids Safe Around Windows!

There's nothing like opening a window to enjoy a the breeze, but open windows, even with screens, can be dangerous for children. Here are some important safety tips to keep in mind!

  • Screens are only good for keeping bugs outside, not for keeping children inside. They aren’t strong enough to prevent a child from falling out a window. 
  • If you like to keep your windows open, purchase guards with an emergency release in the event of a fire. 
  • Window stops should be installed to allow the window to only open 4 inches. 
  • Keep windows locked when not in use.
  • Make sure your kids are supervised. 

Window safety should be part of baby-proofing your home.

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