50 Nutrient-Dense Foods List: Add Collard Greens to Your Shopping List & These 49 Other Superfoods by June Stoddard-Finemore

a year ago

50 Nutrient-Dense Foods List: Add Collard Greens to Your Shopping List & These 49 Other Superfoods

Eating the most nutrient-dense food you can find can be challenging at times. You are what you eat. The things we eat today eventually turn in to our connective tissue, organs and skin. Pretty amazing if you think about it. Even more of a reason to be extra picky about what we put in our bodies.

If you want to feel vibrant you need to eat fresh vibrant nutrient-dense foods. Collard greens, kale and spinach or at the top of this list. Local and seasonal is key when picking these foods.

You can go to your local farmers market or even better, become a member of a CSA. CSA stands for community supported agriculture. It’s basically like becoming a stockholder in your local farm, when you pay upfront in the beginning of the season this helps the farmer out with the start up cost of the season. In return you get fresh pickings every week.

Try to go outside of your box of your normal three or four regular vegetables and fruits you eat all the time, Experiment with new ones every week. Use the rainbow as a guideline.






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Donna John
I love my collard greens! I grew them for the first time this summer. They grow fast so I guess I was pretty healthy for a while there. lol Great list, June Stoddard-Finemore !
Elisa Schmitz
Really helpful insights, June Stoddard-Finemore , thank you for sharing!
What an awesome way of remembering to eat the rainbow...

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