​Connect With Spirit to Turn Despair Into Wonder: 4 Ways to Connect With Your Spiritual Guidance During Grief by Diana Cole

3 years ago

​Connect With Spirit to Turn Despair Into Wonder: 4 Ways to Connect With Your Spiritual Guidance During Grief

Life on planet Earth is an intensely vulnerable experience for all of us. We get sick, or someone we care about does. We get weighed down by doubts and fears and lose perspective. We love people, and we lose people – whether through estrangement, divorce or death. When I began to fully embrace my ability to communicate with spirit, though, my despair turned to wonder, and I began seeing miracles.

One of the most powerful messages I have received from my guides was that our pain is actually an invitation to connect with spirit: When you experience something pleasurable or uplifting on the human plane, it feels so good that you want more and more. The seeking of more holds you away from spirit. When in human form you face hard times, grief and heartache, you seek spirit for help. You are pushed by the heartache to reach for help. Often the most challenged human energy is the most in touch or the most evolved. They gain an understanding that only comes from pain.

Are you grieving? Here are four ways to connect with your spiritual guidance: 

  • Believe: The first step to feeling the fresh air of invisible love is simply to believe. Believe that all you want and all you need is here for you, now and always.
  • Remember: Allow yourself to remember the people you have loved who have passed. In your memory of them, you have the ability to harness the energy and the love to help you in the here and now.
  • Express: In what ways do you talk with spirit? Prayer? Meditation? Writing? Music? ArtNature? A casual conversation? You strengthen your line of communication with spirit every time you express honest emotion. Your vulnerability is the bridge between you.
  • Heal: What if the only difference between the healer and the healed is the deep belief and knowing that divine help is here for us always? Tap into this knowing force that you are a part of.

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Elisa Schmitz
I love this, Diana Cole . I think to a certain extent, so many of us are grieving right now. I love that you remind us to believe, remember and express, all of which can help us heal. Thank you for your lovely words of hope during these challenging times.
Grief is all around us. Thanks for this. 🙏🏼

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