Believe in Yourself: Why You Need to Quit Looking Over Your Shoulder, You Are Amazing by Jennifer Coken

2 years ago

Believe in Yourself: Why You Need to Quit Looking Over Your Shoulder, You Are Amazing

Daily, I am face to face with super high-achieving badasses who are spending more time looking over their shoulders waiting to be “found out” than living or leading boldly using all their strengths and gifts. My mission is to empower and coach each of these "self-doubting Thomasinas" that are right on the cusp of their next level, but can’t seem to get there.

Limiting beliefs have the power to keep us:

  • Playing small.
  • Leading ineffectively.
  • Barely making the impact we have the potential to make.

Boss, you ain’t gonna fix nothin’ without knowing how Imposter Syndrome is showing up in your beliefs and behaviors. When someone tells you that you rock or calls you an expert, do you look over your shoulder for the person they must be talking about, going “Who me?” with disbelief?

Quit that. You are amazing and brilliant. Everyone else knows it – it’s time you knew it, too. You’ll never make the impact you want to make, live the life of your dreams or lead boldly if you continue to believe you’re a fake, fraud or phony.

If you’re ready to quit lookin’ over your shoulder for some other badass, I’m only a click away.

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Elisa Schmitz
I love your positive energy, Jennifer Coken . Thank you for all the great vibes and insights with us!

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