How to Get Unstuck: Taking Stock of Your Life & Level of Happiness During the COVID-19 Pandemic by Karena Kilcoyne

2 years ago

How to Get Unstuck: Taking Stock of Your Life & Level of Happiness During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Do you hate your job? Are you in an unhealthy relationship? Are you afraid the wheels of your life are spinning, sinking you further down in the muck and you don’t know how to get out?

Don’t fret. Your honest answers to the hard questions may very well be good news. You see, that feeling of being stuck is the Universe sounding an alarm that it’s time for you to move, shift and pivot. It’s flashing a neon sign and chanting “BE HAPPY!”

In one way or another we are all trapped by external circumstances right now. But perhaps our current situation can be a welcomed time of reflection a time to take stock of our life and our level of happiness. But that can be difficult, right? Especially if we’re feeling so stuck that we don’t know how to get out.

What do we do then? How do we get unstuck?

  • Understand that you are never really stuck. Feeling stuck is just that a feeling. It’s meant to make you uncomfortable enough that you change something. Feeling stuck is one of the very best things that could happen to you. It means that there’s something better, bigger or more challenging out there for you. It means you’re on your way to living your purpose to finding lasting happiness.
  • You don’t have to know the whole plan before you shift. Want to change careers? End an unhealthy relationship? Go on a grand adventure? Then start researching. Ask questions. Keep a journal. Call a therapist. Designate time each day creating your new path. Everything that’s worthwhile takes time to build and nurture, especially relationships, careers and other seismic shifts. Don’t expect to know all the answers right away. Just work toward your new life bit by bit and with enough time, all the pieces will come together.
  • Moving is manifesting. You want to know the quickest way to feel unstuck? Move. Truly, just move. Do anything that changes your routine. Lick an ice cream cone. Walk with a friend. Chase your dog. Roll in the grass. Good energy flowing through your body will renew your perspective. And once you’re moving and smiling, your brain will light up with possibility. You’ll see things differently. You’ll move out of feeling stuck and into your future. It may only be an inch here and there, but before you know it, you’ll be in a completely different space than you were.

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I love this! 💗
Karena Kilcoyne
Thank you! Moving is manifesting. XO
Elisa Schmitz
"Moving is manifesting." Yes! Excellent insights, thank you for sharing, Karena Kilcoyne !
Karena Kilcoyne
Thank you, Elisa! I love 30Seconds. So happy to be here!
Karena Kilcoyne
Thanks, Julie! Let's keep moving and manifesting. XO
Saludable Contigo
Great info. Thanks! ❤️
Shakil ahamed
Helpful information thanks❤️
Mike Prochaska
I stuck at home there no school lol. I love it be happy! Find something that makes u happy.

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