Is White Meat or Red Meat Better for You? Study Finds That Both Affect Your Cholesterol Levels by Mei Marcie

a year ago
Is White Meat or Red Meat Better for You? Study Finds That Both Affect Your Cholesterol Levels

We often read about how we should limit our consumption of red meat due to its association with cardiovascular disease (CVD). Because of this information, many people pursuing a healthier diet may switch from red meat to white meat. But how does this affect CVD risk? A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition aimed to learn about the effects of white meat on low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, a harmful waxy substance that increases risk of heart attack or stroke when it builds up in the arteries.

More than 100 healthy adults were randomly assigned to red meat, white meat or plant-based protein diets for four weeks. Researchers found that LDL cholesterol was higher for both the red meat and white meat diet, and only the plant-based protein diet showed significant reduced LDL.

The study does not mean that red meat is the same as white meat. Eating white meat may still be more beneficial for lower CVD risk, as LDL cholesterol is not the only risk factor. The recommendation is still to adopt a diet with a higher proportion of plants, especially if you have cholesterol problems or family history of CVD.

Try to eat less red and white meat, and instead add beanslentils, protein grains like quinoa and soy-based products to your diet. For those who are undecided whether to switch to a plant-based diet or just to include more plants in their diet, why not start with a meatless day at least once a week? 

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