Dads Who Exercise Before Conception May Pass on Health Benefits to Their Kids by Mei Marcie

2 years ago

With rising childhood obesity and disease rates, research studies are looking into the cause of the problem and the best prevention methods. A study from The Ohio State University College of Medicine investigated the effect of men exercising before conception on the metabolic health of their children.

The study was carried out on mice, with male mice being fed either a normal or high-fat diet for three weeks. Each group of mice was further divided into sedentary lifestyle vs. being free to exercise. The interesting findings that give us hope that fathers' exercise may help their offspring are: 

  • The exercise group of mice had offspring with improved glucose metabolism, increased insulin sensitivity, lower body weight and fat mass.
  • Exercise also helped the offspring of the group of mice who were fed the high-fat diet.
  • The genetic expression of the sperms of the exercise group of male mice was helpful for metabolic health.

This adds to previous studies on benefits of exercise for mothers before conception. The takeaway is that expectant parents should exercise to prepare for pregnancy!  

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
How interesting, Mei Marcie ! Makes sense. Thank you for sharing!

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