Trying to Conceive? For Male Fertility, Here's Why Sleep May Be King! by Nicole DeAvilla

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5 years ago
Trying to Conceive? For Male Fertility, Here's Why Sleep May Be King!

Want to be a father? Then look at how much sleep you are getting. A study found that men who either slept too little (six hours or less) and men who slept too long (nine hours or more) were less likely to impregnate their partner than men who slept seven to eight hours a night. The findings were presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine's annual meeting.

Testosterone is crucial for fertility. Men produce the largest amount of testosterone while they are sleeping. So father-to-be, get your zzz’s in line by sleeping in the sweet spot of seven to eight hours a night. You will be glad you did because once the baby arrives, it will be harder to get those hours! 

Read more about this sleep and male fertility study at here!

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