Taking Medication for ADHD Doesn't Have to Change Who You Are by Brian King

Taking Medication for ADHD Doesn't Have to Change Who You Are

Many youth and adults with ADHD resist the idea of medication to manage the challenges the disorder can create. Meds are often associated with the treatment of illness, something you want to get rid of. Though attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder isn’t considered mental illness, the idea of meds for treatment can make it appear so.

“There’s nothing wrong with me” or “I’m not crazy” are common reactions. What this expresses is, “My brain is me!” “If I take a medication for my brain it means something is wrong with me!” “I don’t want to change me!”

If I’ve learned anything it’s my brain isn’t me. My brain helps bring me into the world. It learns language, remembers people and important things about them. It reminds me of the values that connect with my spirit so I can live those values consistently. The better I can live my values the more impact I can make on the world.

If my brain or anything else results in me being inconsistent and unreliable, I’d like to do something about it. I use meditation and mindfulness to manage my ADHD.

The point here is to put greater importance on the results you want to create instead of protecting the mistaken belief that who you are rests solely in your brain.

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Elisa Schmitz
What a wonderful perspective, Brian King . So helpful!
Brian King
Thank you Elisa :-)

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