Cataract Concerns: Types of Cataracts & How to Protect Your Eyes by Marge Carter

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11 months ago
Cataract Concerns: Types of Cataracts & How to Protect Your Eyes

Make sure you have an eye exam at least once a year – even better, every six months. As you age your eyesight may change and you may develop cataracts. There are different types of cataracts, and they can form for many reasons:

  • Age-related: Happens as you get older.
  • Congenital: Babies may be born with them or caused from other conditions.
  • Secondary: Results from a medical condition like diabetes or toxic substances, ultraviolet light, radiation and medication.

Make sure you wear sunglasses even when there is an overcast to protect them from harm.

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Marge Carter
buying sunglasses after having cataracts out are cocoon glasses they wrap around so the sun will not enter the sides of your eyes.

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